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At Innisfail Optical we are predominantly a bulkbilling* practice, and are able to bulkbill most standard consultations.

Medicare was until recently frozen for 5 years, during that time it was cut, and also restricted. As a result it no longer represents the true cost of providing the service. We do our best to bulkbill where ever possible, but there will be some instances there may be an out of pocket charge. If you give our friendly staff a call they will be able to let you know about your appointment in advance.

We are a full scope practice, and to this end we do offer services above and beyond a standard comprehensive eye test.  These services will incur a charge; any extra charges will be discussed with you prior to your appointment wherever possible.  If our Optometrist was to notice something during your consultation that they feel should be investigated further they will discuss with you their concerns, the best course of action and any costs that may be involved.  A detailed explanation of the extra testing services can be found under the eye care tab on our home page.  

A summary of charges for additional services are listed below;

NON Medicare item charges

Full Fee Comprehensive Eye Test       
Full Fee short Eye Test    
OPTOS – Ultra-wide angle retinal imaging 
OCT – Ultrasound of the back of the eye
OPTOS & OCT combined 
Anterior OCT – Ultrasound of the front of the eye 
Prescription repeats for medications
Foreign Body Removal Consumables; Anaesthetic, needles etc 

*Bulkbilling is not a ‘free’ eye test.  It is a practice where a service provider accepts from Medicare, as payment for the consultation, what would usually be offered to the patient as a refund.  Medicare will pay a full rebate once every year for patients over 65 years and once every 3 years for a patient under 65 years.  There are exceptions in certain medical conditions such as diabetes, and for eye conditions such as glaucoma.

This payment is a % of the cost of a full test.  This % is in practice supposed to increase with CPI each year, but has been frozen since 2012 and then cut and the frequency reduced in 2015. As a result it is now lower than 10 years ago.

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