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Lens Options

Not all lenses are created equal! 

There are lens design differences, lens thickness differences and coating differences…. all of which contribute to your overall vision quality when you are wearing glasses.

We take the time to find out about your vision requirements and help you not only select a great frame in which to put your lenses, but, more importantly, ensure you have the best lenses for your vision correction requirements.  That’s why we offer the latest in Rodenstock and Hastings lens technology ensuring you get the best optical experience that suits your individual needs.

The specialised and experienced lens laboratories we partner with allow us to offer you a vast range of lenses and lens coatings to cater for a myriad of vision correction issues.

Lens Features include :

transitions and photochromatic options for inside/outside comfort and UV protection;

polarised, tinted, glare reducing options for sport, driving, water activities and everyday wear;

high index materials for lighter, thinner and stronger lenses;

the best in scratch resistant, anti-reflective and UV coatings.

optimised “corridors of vision” for progressive lens wearers, reducing side blur and “swim” issues that wearers can experience with progressive lenses.

At Innisfail Optical we add a Hard Coating to all of our lenses to ensure the best durability possible.  But nothing is scratch proof, that is why we offer a goodwill scratch warranty.  If you purchase a pair of glasses from us and manage to scratch the lens within the 1st year, we will replace the affected lens at 50% off, plus any fitting costs.

You may have specific vision requirements for distance focusing, intermediate focusing (eg computer screens and dashboards of vehicles) and close work such as reading or hand crafts. The latest lens technology available for these multi-focal point vision requirements is available from Innisfail Optical.

You may only need glasses for close work or distance requirements like driving or reading signs and whiteboards. In that case we can help with the best and clearest single vision lenses available.

The number of vision solutions for daily work and living requirements is numerous.

Our highly trained staff will be happy to discuss the best lens options for you and your daily and special needs.

Rodenstock ImpressionIST 3


At Innisfail Optical we are very excited to announce we have now partnered with Rodenstock and have an ImpressionIST 3 in store.

Optical lenses need to be fitted precisely for clearest vision. There is little point in having the best lenses on the market unless they are precisely fitted to your frame.

We can now utilise the latest in measurement technology to determine the precise centration of your lenses in your frame, as you wear it. The Rodenstock ImpressionIST 3 is a computerised measuring system which draws on German expertise in engineering. With its unique dual camera technology, the ImpressionIST 3 calculates the position of all points of your frame and your eye in 3D space. We are able to do this to an accuracy of 0.1mm (that’s about the width of a human hair!).

Every frame and every face is different. For the first time we are able to measure individual frame parameters as worn by you, not as they are on the shelf. Five main parameters are required in order to produce a highly customised lens:

  • The distance from your pupil to the back of the lens (vertex distance)
  • The angle the lens sits at in front of your eyes (pantoscopic tilt)
  • The curvature of the frame (frame wrap angle)
  • The height of your pupil in the frame as you wear it
  • The horizontal centration of your pupil in the frame

Once these measurements are taken, Rodenstock incorporates them into the calculations in order to optimise the optical characteristics of your lens. The ImpressionIST uploads the data directly to the optical lab in Germany where your lenses are manufactured. With German precision, the lenses are digitally cut in a process known as freeform production.

The result. Precisely optimised lenses. Maximum viewing area for distance and near. Minimum distortion.

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