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Contact Lenses

Freedom and flexibility when glasses get in the way…

Contact lenses are a practical alternative to spectacles for almost anyone who needs a vision correction. They provide a wider field of view than spectacles and are often more convenient for sport, working and playing with young children, or just for a change when you want a different look without compromising your vision.

At Innisfail Optical, we make contact lens wear easy for you by selecting the most appropriate lenses for you and by regularly following up on your ocular health.

If you are new to contact lens wear, you will have contact lenses selected for you that will:

  • meet your personal requirements,
  • provide the most comfortable fit ,and
  • be the best for the health of your eyes.

You will be taught how to insert your lenses hygienically and correctly, be given free trial lenses to ensure we have the right fit for you and your lifestyle, and be provided with after care appointments to make sure your contacts are providing the best vision possible.

Modern technological advances have resulted in a vast array of lens options that can meet your varying needs including :

  • daily disposables;
  • frequent replacement such as fortnightly or monthly lenses;
  • overnight lens/extended wear options and;
  • gas permeable and coloured contact lenses.

New materials mean greater comfort and oxygen transmission which may mean that previous contact lens wearers who have experienced difficulty may be able to try again.

And, if you require multifocal options in vision correction, we have new multifocal contact lenses available.

Teenagers will also find the freedom of contact lens wear a fun and convenient option especially when it comes to sport participation, dancing and general outdoor and leisure activities.  Ask our well informed staff about the possibilities contact lenses offer.

Contact lens solutions to vision problems are numerous and are available for most people of various ages.

To learn more about contact lens options: click here to visit Provision’s website.

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